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South Korea's central bank to keep interest rates unchanged


     The bank of Korea on the 16th meeting decision, for the eighth month in a row to maintain the benchmark interest rate unchanged at 1.50%, in line with the market had been widely expected.
   Analysts said that the bank of Korea believe that the current to stabilize the financial market is particularly important, thus decided to keep its benchmark interest rate unchanged. South Korea's exports still weak, the domestic economic situation is not optimistic, in spite of this, domestic and foreign financial market situation is not very desirable, so it is difficult to at the conference will cut interest rates to stimulate the economy.
Institutions such as barclays and anz economists forecast, the bank of Korea choose 3 month to cut interest rates. They point out that South Korea last week, Treasury yields fell to a record low, and before Japan adopted a negative interest rate policies, and hinted that it would delay the fed raising interest rates. South Korea's central bank could soon be further monetary easing. Comments yonhap said, however, there is also a view claims that additional rate cuts will not work, and make the bubbles will only. If it is only in the current circumstances, the central bank cut its benchmark interest rate to enliven the domestic economy, foreign investors in financial markets is likely to accelerate the divestment, fuelling market unease.