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silicon metal 553 441 market after Chinese new year


Low-grade products market after the Lunar New Year, 553,441 and other domestic silicon metal was once the phenomenon of tight supply, some factories have shut down a certain amount of stock, but for now the market price has not reached its ideal price, not yet shipped, and historical south factory production enterprises too few, limited spot market, the downstream buyers continue to buy stock historical prices, except for some long-term visitors up and down outside, most of the plant outside to raise its offer. By the impact of the dry season, the majority of the South without making factories temporarily resume production plans at present Sichuan, Fujian small number of individual plant is scheduled in mid-March to early April, the resumption of production. The silicon metal factories around 553,441 port spot and inventory stock are limited around the factory outside offer stock to rise again. Market hard to find low-priced goods. According to the site it is understood that the basic shelf without too much Huangpu Port and Tianjin Port area, most of the plants are showing no spot in February to support the new single sign until March spot slightly abundant number. Up to now 553 port oxygen barrier mainstream offer 9900-10000 yuan / ton, 553 through the oxygen port mainstream offer 10100-10300 yuan / ton, the mainstream offer 441 ports 10600-10700 yuan / ton. Expected before the Yunnan and Sichuan large factories resume production, low-grade metallurgical grade silicon metal market stock market continued to remain relatively scarce state, lower prices also less travel needs.