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Sichuan-Gansu metal silicon plant stopped production increase


 As the dry season approaches, the production pressure of the metal silicon plant doubles. In the case of unsatisfactory downstream consumption capacity, metal silicon transactions were also slightly light, and heavy pressure forced Sichuan and Chongqing silicon plants to continue production reduction and production suspension plans. According to incomplete statistics, the current Sichuan-Chongqing silicon plant plans to stop production before the end of November: 21 in Sichuan, a total of 23-29 ore furnaces, and only 24 factories in Dehong Prefecture in Yunnan, a total of 30- 35 ore furnaces, factories in the Nujiang area have been reduced, and factories in Baoshan have reduced production time later, or in mid-December.

The metal silicon market has gone from bad to worse, and the production of metal silicon plants in various places is facing new challenges. The delay in production suspension is only due to the pressure of consuming raw material inventory. For the resumption of production in the coming year, most factories expressed insufficient confidence, and the market competition pressure was high. The low international prices made it impossible for enterprises with high production costs to continue production, and the changes in domestic industrial structure and economic environment also made many small and medium-sized factories have no living space.