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Ferrosilicon export market is stable


The domestic market of ferrosilicon has been stable for two months. The ex-factory price is maintained at 72#6100-6200 yuan/ton of cash, 75#6600-6800 yuan/ton between acceptances, and the export market is low-priced for nearly two months. The phenomenon of goods frequently appeared, the price of foreign markets was disrupted, although the overall FOB price in China remained at 72#1240-1260 USD/ton, 75#1290-1310 USD/ton, but the low-priced goods still existed, and the foreign customers’ price was significantly lower. The transaction is not smooth.

The international market price has also been relatively stable in recent times. The Indian market price has remained at Rs 92,000/ton, and the price of ferrosilicon in the European market has been stable at 1270-1330 EUR/ton. In the Japanese market, the price of the price is obvious, and the price of the intention to get the goods is around 75#1270 USD/ton, but there is basically no room for operation by domestic traders at this price.