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silicon carbide Weekly Comment


Chinese New Year holiday is over, the downstream steel production complex gradually increased. It is understood that: hundreds of small and medium steel enterprises in the country, there are 41 enterprises in the blast furnace maintenance (including discontinued and stew furnace equipment, the same below), there are a total of 77 blast furnaces for maintenance, compared with last week minus 2 (where two blast furnaces new entrants maintenance team, 5 blast furnace to resume production), overhaul of blast furnace volume of 55,836 cubic meters, less than last week of 3990 cubic meters, by volume one hundred small and medium steel enterprises operating rate was 82.65% blast, blast furnace operating rate than before the holiday an increase of 1.27 percentage points. This week, Shandong, Jiangsu, Hebei, Shanxi has a blast furnace re-join the ranks of production, Tianjin has started a medium-sized blast furnace overhaul. From nearly two weeks of market situation, steel production complex not speed steel prices faster. Many in the blast furnace production or maintenance companies to resume production after prices have desires, but most companies have yet to resume production of real-time, mostly in March indicates the possibility of resumption of production is large.