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The future of the graphite industry


(BEIJING, May 15 News Hubei power) May 14 afternoon, the National Seminar on "The future of the graphite industry,Wang Zhaojun's hometown in Hubei Xingshan held, more than 50 graphite industry experts from across the country, entrepreneurs gathered a total of words and the future development of graphite industry.
Although graphite is a sunrise industry, but it has a broad international market prospects. At present, high-tech graphite fine processing of new products is increasing, graphite to large-scale enterprises, the development of globalization, the graphite industry also continue to extend downstream.
The seminar will not only plan is the graphite industry outlook conference, but also for the graphite industry Xingshan send ideas, send strategy, send event technology. Members of the elite of the development process of the graphite industry, Present and Future in-depth exchanges, will clarify ideas, to indicate the direction of Xingshan graphite industry.
Keywords; graphite industry; development