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The price in silicon metal market downturn continues



Currently silicon metal prices have remained stable, mainly the production of the silicon metal enterprise are more, the spot market extremely scarce supply of goods, But because of lack of a price, clinch a deal in poor demand, prices did not rise. 

It is said that production enterprises in Yunnan region is much more, especially the Kunming market, basic 90% production has been halted, individual only 3-4 in production, and has been an increase in the price of the silicon metal, but the market diffusion is not serious. In addition, the electricity price has been raised in Yunnan region, the cost of enterprise production is increasing, prices are expected to improve, but the enterprise production will also increase. 
In a word, industry analysts believe that silicon metal overall weak market cannot alter easily. And as the market has more production enterprises, but have no downstream demand, so there are no reasonable market will continue long time before 2016.