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The unpredictable trend of Silicon Metal in later stage


According to usual practic, it is no doubt that Silicon Metal manufactorer would be resumed operation in large scale due to lower electricity costs which is atributed to abundant water resource in south of China; moreover, since the demanding market would be stable, Silicon Metal would be over supplied which means the price would keep droping. However, in 2016, Silicon Metal price has been fallen to its producing costs, all buyers are stopped purchasing and waiting for the stable market; meanwhile, some manufactorer also deferred their plan of resumption. All these lead to Silicon Metal market is unpredictable. 

At the moment, prices of each brand of Silicon Metal has rapidly declined to the costs. Some factories are losing money caused by high electricity costs. Other manufactorer are planning to closed down after orders are finished. Furthermore, raw materials such as charcoal,silicon coal, electrode, graphite cock, etc. are on a stable stage, which makes it is unforeseeable that weather the manufactorers in south China would be resumed operation. If trading companies start purchasing Silicon metal when manufactorers have not started resumption, it is still difficult to predict whether the price would go up.