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On November 5th, the ferrosilicon composite index was stable


 November 5th CFO Ferrosilicon Product Index:

The ferrosilicon composite index was 137.36, which was flat compared with yesterday and was flat compared with last week, compared with -0.06% last month and +2.01% year-on-year;

Ferrosilicon spot index 6,300.00, unchanged from yesterday, unchanged from last week, unchanged from the previous month, -1.18% year-on-year;

At the beginning of the week, the ferrosilicon market remained stable. The manufacturers in the main producing areas were quoted at 72#6200-6400, 75#6600-6800 yuan/ton of natural blocks. The prices of representative steel enterprises were finalized last week. It has been determined that the pace of market inquiry transactions has improved. At present, the manufacturers in the main producing areas still maintain the situation of the single-order goods, and there is no inventory.