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The price of the cored wire market is not easy to rise.


Since the beginning of this week, the overall operation of the core wire market has continued to be sluggish. Henan Anyang, Xinxiang and other core-core processing manufacturers can basically maintain order production, the goods encountered bottlenecks, difficult to improve in the short term. The prices of cored wire in Jiangsu and Shandong are still getting higher, and the market price gap is slightly more confusing.

It is reported that the core-core manufacturers in Henan have basically no inventory pressure, but under the constant pressure of downstream buyers, the phenomenon of falling prices has not diminished. The lack of inventory pressure is also difficult to promote the enthusiasm of manufacturers, the alloy core wire market has entered a trough, leading to the normal start of production manufacturers have to ship at low prices. According to the manufacturer of the core wire in Anyang, Henan Province, low-cost goods are constantly appearing, the core-core market is not well supported, and the price increase is small. Due to the sluggish demand in the core wire market, the production capacity cannot be effectively released in the short term, and the downstream steel market will stop production and reduce production. The core wire market is unlikely to improve in the short term