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Silicon Carbon Briquette



Silicon carbon ball deoxidizing agent is a kind of single crystal silicon element, carbon alloy products, vacuum squeeze into a ball, the product after drying. Can be used as a substitute for ferrosilicon, and does not produce dust pollution in the furnace, reaction speed, reduce the cost, is a new way in the process of steelmaking.


Stable alloy recovery, silicon carbon, the recovery rate of silicon in the alloy with the original process using basic quite, ferrosilicon and carbon recovery rate than the original use recarburizer have increased significantly. General carbon in the carbon powder recovery rate is only 65% ~ 75%, carbon and silicon, carbon element in the recovery of over 80%. Silicon carbon oxidation reaction of heat energy, can reduce the usage of electricity, shorten the operation time.

Chemical Compositions

Si 22%min,C 55%min,S 0.1%max,P 0.1%max

Grain size:50mm×50mm×40mm

Package:In 1MT,1.25MT jumbo bag or as request

Remarks:In case customers purchase other specification and size than we’re supplying,we’ll be pleasure to be sugggested more.

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